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Jennifer’s New Bike (and project)

After our Natchez Trace bicycling adventure, I decided I wanted to get a different bicycle. I’ve really enjoyed riding my bike (a Volae Century recumbent bike) for the past 5 years or so — it’s comfortable and rides well with or without a load on it. But it was difficult (to say the least!) to…
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Summer 2016

We had a pretty busy summer. Nothing really seemed to qualify for its own “adventures” post, but we had a lot of fun and went to some beautiful places, so I thought I would post a photo gallery of some of our summer activities, which included: June – Adventure Cycling’s National Bicycle Travel Weekend –…
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Adventures in Remodeling

For a few years, Zach and I have been talking about remodeling the kitchen. Our kitchen, living room, and dining area, when we bought the house, had a semi-open floor plan, but there was a big wall, not quite up to the ceiling, between the living room and the kitchen. This meant that when we…
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