Coffeeneuring 2017 – Ride 4

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Today we took our fourth “coffeeneuring” ride (see the post on our first ride for more information).

We tried to go to a donut shop, but arrived about 10 minutes after it closed (didn’t check the hours, doh!). So, we circled around to a few doors down from where we went on our third ride (yesterday), and went to the Crazy Beagle Espresso, 22026 E Country Vista Drive, in Liberty Lake, Washington. It’s a drive-through espresso shop located in the parking lot of a veterinary clinic. Most of the coffee places near us are, like this one, of the drive-through variety, but this one also has a handy outside table.

Crazy Beagle
Walking through the drive-through at the Crazy Beagle Espresso

The ride was slightly under 11 miles total. The weather was beautiful, low 50s and breezy. We both enjoyed hot chocolate; I had a raspberry oat bar and Zach had a chocolate-chip cookie. After the cocoa, we also stopped into the clinic across the street and got our flu shots before riding home.

Enjoying the hot chocolate
Table outside the Crazy Beagle where we enjoyed our hot chocolate and cookies