This site was originally set up for Jennifer and Zach’s bicycle trip through Central Europe (Sept/Oct 2010), and since then we’ve added some more adventures.

One theme that comes up from time to time in our travels is games — we play board games many evenings at home, and get together with friends weekly to play more board games. So, it was only natural that on our trip through Central Europe, we made special note of cities we rode through that were related to games we own or play. We tagged the posts based on the games, and we’ve continued to do that on our more recent trips.

Here is a list of (at least most of) the games we’ve tagged posts with; there are links to the Board Game Geek web site (for descriptions of the game) and to the posts tagged as related to each game:

Another theme of our travels has been classical music. On our Central European bike trip, we made special trips to places related to Beethoven, Bach, and other composers, so you might see some post tags for them as well.