Summer 2017 Photos

Note: Click on any photo to get a larger version.

We had a very busy summer this year — we didn’t go on any big trips, but we had quite a few small adventures. And we didn’t get around to blogging or posting any photos until now… Better late than never, I hope?

Backpacking at Hell's Canyon
At the end of May, we went backpacking with Jennifer’s sister Alice and her partner Paul on the Oregon side of Hell’s Canyon

Zach spent most of June on a road trip, which Jennifer didn’t go on. He drove to Ohio for a board gaming convention, and then made a surprise visit to Georgia to see his mom and sisters and their families.

In July, we drove over to Yellowstone and hung out for 4 days with Jennifer’s friends Qing and Manel and their two Junior Ranger kids
Bison near boiling mud pot, Yellowstone National Park
We learned that Yellowstone bison do not obey the signs saying to stay on the walkways in sensitive thermal areas
Daily Show
In late July, Jennifer went out to New York City for a week to meet up with her Costa Rican friend Maro and her daughter Emilia. One of the highlights was attending a taping of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

In mid-August, we both did a 3-day trail work trip with the Washington Trails Association at Bead Lake, about an hour north of us. We didn’t get any good pictures of this, sorry!

Right after we got back from our WTA outing, we drove down into Oregon to see the total solar eclipse
Farragut State Park
In early September, we did a mini bike tour up to Farragut State Park in Idaho for Labor Day Weekend, where we camped in our tent, while our friends stayed in a bit more luxury
Hiking on the Washington coast
In mid-September, we did two backpacking trips with Jennifer’s sister Alice. The first one was on the Washington coast
Rope descent
It wasn’t all a walk on the beach though — we frequently had to climb over points that you couldn’t walk around, sometimes using ropes
Enchanted Valley
After 3 days on the coast, we spent 4 days backpacking along the Quinault River in the Olympic Mountains