Getting ready

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Zach and I are preparing for a 6 week bicycle adventure in central Europe in September (stay tuned for more details):

  • Today’s task was setting up this blog, so our interested friends and family can follow our trip if they want to.
  • We’ve been talking about routes, getting maps, etc. over the last few weeks and months.
  • I’ve been learning German (Zach took German in college).
  • A couple of weeks ago, we tried out packing our bikes to take on the airplane. I have a Bike Friday folding “Sat-R-Day” recumbent bicycle, and it folds into a suitcase (see photos below).

We’re flying to Zurich on September 1st, and our plan is to first bicycle to Lake Constance (also known in German as the Bodensee), then make our way to the Danube River in Bavaria, southern Germany. We’ll then cycle down the Danube to Budapest (via Vienna and Bratislava), take the train to Prague, and return to Germany by cycling down the Elbe river as far as Dresden. From there we may visit Leipzig and/or Berlin, and then probably we’ll take a train to Frankfurt, which is where we fly back home from on October 13.

At least, that is the current plan. We could end up modifying that — the only thing really set are the flights in and out, so we’ll see!

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