Monthly Archives: April 2015

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Mediterranean Italy

Our long train ride on Tuesday the 21st took us from Arles, France, across the border into Italy, where we stopped for the night at a generic hotel in Savona, a small city on the Mediterranean coast. We had been looking forward to Italian food, one of our favorite cuisines, and had a nice Italian…
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Montpellier, Arles, and the Camargue, France

We spent the week of April 13-19 in Montpellier, France. Jennifer attended the “Drupal Developer Days” conference, where she spent her days collaborating with other developers on Drupal code improvements and having other Drupal conversations. She normally works alone at home, using text chat to keep in touch with the Drupal community, so she really…
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On to France

On Saturday, we packed up our bags and headed north from Barcelona. The first leg took us on a high-speed (over 200 km/hr) train ride to Figueres, a small town up near the border with France. We hopped on a bus into the center of town from the train station, and visited the very interesting,…
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We’re in Europe again! This winter, I applied for (and received) travel funding to attend a Drupal conference in Montpellier France, and since it takes so long to get to Europe, I decided to expand the trip a bit, and of course Zach wanted to come too. So, last Sunday we embarked on an 18-hour,…
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